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Hybrid Flexible Course and Program Design: Models for Student-Directed Hybrids

On April 21, 2016, I will be joined by six colleagues on a panel presentation describing the hybrid flexible (HyFlex, in my terms) approaches our respective institutions are implementing to meet the specific needs and desires of our constituents. Here … Continue reading

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Analyzing the Feasibility of HyFlex

If you are considering using the HyFlex approach in courses or programs, you are probably completing some sort of feasibility analysis before moving forward with detailed design, development or implementation. What questions should your feasibility analysis answer? (see the assess_need_hyflex (linked PDF) … Continue reading

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Life changes plans sometimes…

We recently surveyed students in the Instructional Technologies MA program at San Francisco State University, and found that students once again report that they appreciate the flexibility offered by the HyFlex course design. No surprise there; its the most consistent … Continue reading

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What would a HyFlex program have meant to you?

Continuing on with the thread about student experience… I was reflecting on my own path through education the other day and I started thinking about what my experience may have been like if I had the HyFlex course option as … Continue reading

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Addressing student support needs – General Needs

What supports do students need when beginning a HyFlex course experience? As with most, if not all, instructional delivery/course modes, there are several general supports needed, and specific supports depending on the exact implementation approach being used. This post describes … Continue reading

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Assessing the Need for Support – Faculty

As faculty consider using hybrid approaches in their teaching, especially more complex approaches like HyFlex, what support do they need? We’ve seen common needs in several areas, here are four: Learning how to teach online students Preparing (or adapting) instructional … Continue reading

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Assessing Needs for Support – Students

We’re starting a project within the ITEC program at SFSU to assess the needs of students who enroll in HyFlex courses. We plan to look at multiple levels of students enrolled in a variety of class levels and formats. For … Continue reading

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HyFlex Design Enables a Quick Flip

  The term “flipping the classroom” has been used more and more in discussions around using technology to change classroom practice. The term seems to have been coined as “Inverting the Classroom” in a 2000 Journal of Economic Education article … Continue reading

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Relationship-Driven – Customer-centric Principle Four

4. Relationship-Driven – “With Me, Along the Way: I have an ongoing relationship with the company; there is a clear focus on relationship-building versus transaction-processing, they manage for the long term value in our relationship.” HyFlex courses implement this principle … Continue reading

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Delight the Customer – Customer-centric Principle Three

3. Delight the Customer – “Anticipates My Needs: My interactions with the company are excellent; they are solution-focused versus product-centric.” HyFlex courses implement this principle when the focus of faculty and student effort is on achieving important learning outcomes, not … Continue reading

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