Instructional Design and Consulting

Welcome to the website of what is forex trading Dr Brian Beatty LLC. Brian and his associates specialize in helping organizations and individuals learn and apply instructional design principles to help others learn, whether in schools, business, government agencies, non-profit organizations, or any other setting.

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As one of Dr. Brian's early mentors, Dr. Curtis Bonk, has said, in today's connected world, WE-ALL-LEARN. Our task is to help people in this natural process, and to accelerate learning by applying our new(and old) technologies and what we know about human learning to targeted knowledge, skills, audiences, content and contexts. Natural, yet designed; simple, yet complex; easy, yet difficult at times... this is today's teaching and learning world, and instructional designers are challenged to provide structure and organize content and experiences so that people learn what they need to know, when they need to know it.

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How can we help you meet your challenges?

  • Visit the Consulting page for an overview of our Consulting Services.

  • Visit the Workshops page for a review of existing workshops and workshop series. Custom workshops are always a possibiilty!

  • Visit the E-Learning Development page to read about specific efforts to design, build, and evaluate e-learning solutions.

  • Visit the HyFlex Course Design page to explore the emerging world of HyFlex learning - a world where learners are given control over how and when they participate in planned learning activities. HyFlex - Choose your alternative!
Flexible, Adaptive Design

Brian believes strongly in flexible, adaptable design. No two clients, trainers or students are exactly alike; the same training experience often leads to different learning outcomes in each participant.

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Effective instruction has to be flexible so that it can adapt to the unique needs of each participant. Be creative - think outside of your training box! You'll find a lot of learning happening there.

Respect the Learning Process

If you think carefully about how you learn, you will realize that any single training event is not sufficient to bring about significant learning. Focusing your training efforts only on the training event is woefully shortsighted!

Happy Learners

Learning is a process: begin with preparing to learn, continue with specific training events (experiences) and finish with follow-through after training. If you cut off the front or back end, you cut off much of the potential power that training has to change knowledge and improve performance.

Is Training Really Needed?

No matter who you are, what you do, or where you've come from, you have experienced training that was unecessary. It may have been in a formal school, training program, or in a social organization... the fact is, much of our education and training efforts are wasted - imagine the cost!


To prevent this, you have to take the time to be sure that training is really needed to solve the problem or take advantage of the opportunity you see in front of you. Don't waste time, money, and other resources training, when you aren't convinced that training can help.